User Agreement

Partner, Affiliate — is a webmaster (an individual who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity) accepts the terms of this document and works to promote the Richy Partners Affiliate Program product on the Internet;

Affiliate Program — is a marketing platform that provides promotional materials to affiliates to promote Richy Partners Affiliate Program products on the Internet;

Product — is a Richy iGaming Platform advertised with promotional materials on the Internet;

Advertising materials are the tools used by partners to promote Affiliate Program product on the Internet.

Traffic — is a set of clients who came as a result of an Affiliates placing ads on the Internet.

Offers — mean the conditions under which Webmasters receive remuneration for advertising the Richy iGaming platform on the Internet.

Payment models — model of payment for advertising results of offers.

CPA (Cost per Action) — payment model for the first deposit.

Revenue Share — percentage of the Gross Gaming Revenue. GGR consists of the difference between the amount of money players wager minus the amount that they win and the administrative fee and the fee for platform's payments (15%).

Hybrid — combination of Revshare and CPA.

Active players — is a players who regularly returns to the Product, makes deposits, bets for crypto and fiat money.

Reporting period — the period of time during which the calculation of the money earned by the Partner and the analytics of attracted customers are carried out for the purpose of subsequent withdrawal of payments to external payment systems.

1. Terms and Conditions of Richy Partners Affiliate Program

1.1. When starting to work with Richy Partners Affiliate Program, each Partner is obliged to review and accept this User Agreement.

1.2. By participating in the Affiliate Program, the Affiliates agree that this User Agreement may be changed without any prior notice to the Affiliates.

1.3. The Affiliates, accepting the terms of the User Agreement, thereby confirms that he is 18 or more years old.

1.4. The Affiliates is solely responsible for the safety of particular nonpublic data to enter the Richy mates Affiliate Program system (login and password). The Affiliate Program isn't responsible for the loss of particular nonpublic data by the Affiliates.

1.5. The Richy Partners Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse to cooperate with one or another Partner without giving reasons.

1.6. Affiliate Program of Richy Partners holds the right to make alterations to the Terms of Service of the Affiliate Program. Published documents that are currently on the Program website are the ones in force at present. There is no record kept for alterations to the rules of the Affiliate Program of Richy Partners.

1.7. The Affiliate Program of Richy Partners holds the right not to pay the number of the Partner's winnings for the CPA model if the players brought by the latter fail the minimal quality requirements, such as having multi-accounts from a single player, etc. Furthermore, in case the unusual activity is detected, the Partner's earnings will not be paid as well. Such criteria apply to the players with a low probability of returning to website; or who have less than 50% of recurrent deposits. The profit can be calculated by the Profit Share Model, which is development requirements ×3 (sum of interest equals deposit sum ×3). The Affiliate Program of Richy Partners holds the right to modify the partner's monetary balance if the player brought by the Affiliate's link is a suspect of fraudulent activity against Richy Partners.

1.8.Affiliate Program Members are forbidden to have accounts in Product opened as a consequence of them placing promotional content. If such a situation occurs, both the Player's and Partner's accounts are blocked along with the full debit. This equally applies to those who are personally related to a partner.

1.9.The Affiliate Program of Richy Partners holds the right to shut down the account of the Affiliate in situations where motivated traffic is revealed, with the purpose of bypassing the rules of Product established by Richy Partners.

1.10. Affiliate Program Partners are forbidden to use cookie stuffing, specifically cookies for the Company brand.

1.11. The Affiliate Program of Richy Partners offers exclusive promotional content, including links. Every Partner is responsible for verifying the performance of their links along with the accuracy of the display of extra criteria on their account. The platform cannot track players who are referred by the Partner if their links are not active.

1.12. The time period for the Postclick to store cookies is for the previous 30 days. Upon the end of the 30-day period, the settings will be cleared.

1.13. According to the regulations of this Affiliate Program, it is forbidden to register on the website as a Referral if you currently have a valid partner account already or if you are a Referral of a partner account that is owned by a legal person who you have access to. Partnership Program Members are forbidden to have more than one account in the Affiliate Program of Richy Partners. If it is necessary for the Partner to manage two or more accounts in the Affiliate Program, they must notify the support service and give an acceptable justification for it.

1.14. The Affiliate Program of Richy Partners has the right to solicit from the Partner the traffic sources where they advertise the Product. In case the Partner refuses to cooperate and provide the requested information, the Affiliate Program has the right to end the collaboration with the Partner.

1.15. The Program holds the right to stop payments to the Affiliate if there are bases to suspect that they broke the rules of collaboration with the Affiliate Program. This can last as long as it takes to clarify the circumstances. If, after the verification, it is confirmed that violations of rules have occurred, the Affiliate Program has the right to block the account of the Partner with no prior warning.

1.16. In case of recurrent use of offensive language or mistreatment of support desk employees in the process of appeals, the Program has the right to conclusively refuse the partner any online support or end collaboration with them by blocking their account and zeroing their balance.

1.17. Any type of communication with the affiliate manager, administration, or customer support service team is considered to be classified information. Partners of the affiliate program are forbidden to give or make any secret information or parts of it public or available to third parties. If this rule is violated, the Affiliate Program has the right to end collaboration with the Partner and reset their account balance.

1.18.The use of photographs or images of politicians as well as political subjects in advertising content is strictly prohibited. The Affiliate Program will block the Partner's account if such content is found.

1.19. It is not advised to use domains that are in the .ru zone for partner's sources, such as reviewers, SEO sites, and landing and pre-lending pages in view of potential blocking.

1.20.Before starting and throughout their work, the Partner assumes to provide upon request information about advertising and the content planned to be used for Product advertising. This includes but is not limited to graphic content, teasers, links to advertising websites, banners, videos, texts, and other relevant information used for Product advertising by the Partner. In the event of the ad placement is done on a third party media, the Partner must give objective data to justify such advertising. The data includes but is not limited to screenshots of advertising content previews, screenshots of third-party advertising statistics consoles, etc. If the Partner denies the request to provide the requested information, the Affiliate Program has the right to end collaboration with the Partner without recompensation.

In the case of infringement of the current terms and conditions of collaboration, the Affiliate Program has the right to block the Partner's account in the Richy.Partner's website with no further fund payments or explanation of the reasons the account was closed.

2. Affiliate commission structure

2.1. The Partner gets their earnings as a result of sharing the net income of the Product coming from the players listed by the Partner. The income percentage depends on the product, offer, and personal tariff.

3. The terms of settlements with Partners

3.1. The Reports and the earnings balance of the Partner Program are all calculated in US dollars.

3.2. The period for reporting determined by the Affiliate Program is 15 days or half the calendar month.

3.3. Payments are made in the first 3 (three) days after the reporting period ends, given that there is a positive balance on the partner’s account.

3.4. The payment information can be changed a minimum of 5 (five) business days before the conclusion of the current reporting period.The Partner's personal manager must be duly notified about such alterations.

3.5. To make a payment, you must complete your billing information correctly on your personal account in the Finance section of the Partner Program.

3.6. The duration of the delay in the accumulated payments is established by the administration of the Affiliate program.

3.7. Currently, the Affiliate Program of Richy Partners does not have partnership remuneration early payments. The minimum amount for payment from the Affiliate Account is $15.

3.8. A negative balance is NOT carried to the following month only if Richy Partners is requesting to hold off the accumulated commissions of the users who have negative income.

3.9. If money on the Partner’s balance is not withdrawn for more than 6 months, the account payments are blocked, and the remainder is nullified. If another 6 months pass, the account will be removed from the Affiliate Program. If the Partner’s account has been blocked, after 30 days counting from the moment of blocking, the account balance is written off.

3.10. Richy Partners Affiliate Program does not make payments unless the webmaster has brought a minimum of 10 (ten) players for the time of their activity. If the anti-fraud department has reasons to suspect the traffic got by the webmaster, the Affiliate Program holds the right to increase the eligibility of up to 30 active players attracted to get payments.

4. Dispute Resolution Procedure

4.1. The procedure for dealing with disputes:

  • The Program does not allow for examination and does not consider disputed treatment for financial losses.
  • The Program does not assume compensation for moral harm.
  • All reports should be sent to [email protected].
  • The time frame for considerations of complaints submitted by the Partner is fifteen to twenty business days.
  • In the event that a dispute that is not addressed in this Agreement takes place, the Company has the right to make a decision on how to resolve the issue at its own judgment.

4.2. Consideration and resolution of controversial issues and appeals of Partners

  • All involved parties should resolve disputes through negotiation and written correspondence. Partners' Applications are received by the Program for review in written form only. They must be submitted no later than three days counting from the date of the dispute.
  • All appeals of the Partner are regarded as official and are handled as appeals written via e-mail to the respective services of the Program. The written appeals that are created with the help of online communication programs, such as Telegram, Twitter, Messenger, and other instant messengers, are not regarded as valid means of communication.
  • The partner's written request must cover:  
    • Full name;
    • Account number;
    • Email address;
    • Time and date of the dispute;
    • The subject of the appeal.
  • Affiliate program has the right to refuse the application review if the following cases are true:  
    • if the presented appeals do not meet the requirements specified in this clause of the Agreement;
    • if appeals submitted include offensive language and / or insults to the Partner Program or its employees;
    • if appeals received have threats to the Partner Program or its employees;
    • if the Partner's argument is a threat of tarnishing the image of the Partner program on social networks and other platforms.
  • The deadline for consideration of the Partner’s claim by the Program is a maximum of twenty working days. It starts counting from the moment all essential information required for the resolution is received from the Partner regarding their claim.
  • In case of disagreement related to the operations or the status of the Partner’s account, the involved parties assess the protocols of the Partner’s operations predicated on the Partner’s data.
  • In case of a Partner’s infringement of any of the points specified above, the Partner Program holds the right to refuse to collaborate with the Partner.
  • In the event of failure to come to an agreement through negotiations and written correspondence within 3 (three) months from the day the dispute started, its future examination takes place in court in compliance with the present legislation of the UK (the current place of registration of Richy Partners Affiliate Program).
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